Basket (small)

Platform (large)

Platform (small)

Blast Cabinet Port Hole 8 Inch

Port Hole (8″)

Port Hole (10″)

Mold Rack (large)

Mold Rack Small

Mold Rack (small)

Screw Stand

Screw Stand (large)

Screw Stand with Rollers

Screw Stand In Cabinet

Turntables (small, medium, large)

Dust Collection

Dust Bags

F107-001 (std. tubular)
F107-001T (for DP-850)
F276-001 (snap in tubular)

Filter Cartridges

F107-002 (8″o.d. x 16″l (B Series)
F107-003 (12 3/4″o.d. x 26″l)


Seal Tape

Glass & Gloves

(9″ x 24″ std. round edge)
F104-006T (12″ x 24″)
F104-006B (12″ x 20″)
F104-006P (13 1/4″ X 21 3/4″)
F104-008 (11″ x 26″ safety)
F104-010 (11″ x 26″ int. protective)

F112-001 (std. 30″)
F112-001BIA (snap in 30″)
F112-001MBB (profiled 30″)
F112-001UNI (neoprene 30″
F112-001UNL (unlined 30″)
F112-003 (heavy duty assembly)
F112-007 (heavy duty)

Hoses, Nozzles, Quick Couplings, and Nozzles Holders

Blast Hoses
F115-003 (1/4″o.d. polytube)
F115-024 (1/2″i.d. x 1 1/16″o.d.)
F115-025 (1/2″i.d. x 1 3/16″o.d.)
F115-026 (3/4″i.d. x 1 1/2″o.d.)

Flex Hoses
F115-009 (4″ i.d.)
F115-010 (5″ i.d.)
F115-011 (6″ i.d.)
F115-012 (8″ i.d.)

Suction Blast, Universal,  and Pressure Blast Nozzles

Aluminum Quick Couplings
F109-011 (for 1 3/16″o.d. blast)
F109-012 (for 1 1/2″o.d. blast)
F109-016 (for 1 1/4″o.d. tank, female attachment)

Aluminum Nozzle Holders
F109-001 (for 1 3/16″o.d. blast)
F109-002 (for 1 1/2″o.d., 1 1/4″ thread)
TAT-3/4 (for whip end)

Pressure Pots

F119-009 (yellow)
F119-010 (red)

Pressure Pot Pop Up Valves

Pressure Pop Up Valves
F119-012 (Steel)
9-02027 (Orange)
16-706U (Blue)
102-3210 (Black)

Pressure Pot
F119-032 (1.6 cu.ft)


MG-75 Maxi-Media Dryer

RB-2000 Anti-Static Injection System


Ball Valves
F122-027 (1″ steel)
F122-030 (3/4″) F122-031 (1″)
F122-032 (1 1/4″)
F122-069 (1/4″)

Check Valves
F122-034 (3/4″)
F122-035 (1″)

Exhaust Valve

Blast Cabinet Foot Valve

Foot Valve

Blast Cabinet Inlet Valve

Inlet Valves
F122-002 (3/4″ w/ vent)
F122-003 (1″ w/ vent)

Pinch Tube
F122-021 (3/4″ pinch tube)

Air Pressure Regulator

Air Pressure Regulator Valves
F101-001 (1/4″)
F101-004 (3/4″)
F101-005 (1″)

F116-001 (vibrator)