Pressure Blast Mold Cleaning Systems

To ensure maximum operator visibility, dust is vacuumed from the cabinet through a high-efficiency blower on the clean air side of the dust collector. For easy maintenance, the dust collector is equipped with an automatic/manual cartridge blow-down valve. Media is cleaned by passing through a vibrating screen that traps large contaminants. It simultaneously passes through a magnetic separator that filters out ferrous contaminants before being stored for reuse. The storage hopper allows for automatic media reloading each time the operator releases the foot pedal.

A 60° cone-shaped pressure vessel and hopper are standard, allowing for smooth flow of the low-density plastic. An adjustable valve controls the feeding of media into the air stream. The cabinet and dust collector are constructed of 11-gauge prime steel, all welded construction.


  • Pneumatic safety door interlocks
  • Safety view window, gloves, fluorescent lights
  • Foot-controlled blasting, durable blast hose
  • Tungsten carbide blast nozzle
  • Moisture separator and pressure regulator with gauge
  • Vibrating screen for large contaminants
  • Air blow-off gun
  • Dust collector muffler
  • 1.6 cu. ft. ASME coded pressure vessel
  • Starter on systems with 3 phase electricals
  • Media spill tray under track extension
  • Push-button work car and door with mold rack
  • Automatic exhaust valve
  • Roof entry of blast hose

Pressure Blast Mold Cleaning System Specifications

Model Inside Cabinet
W x D x H
Floor Space Cabinet
& Dust Collector
W x D x H
MBB 4848
PDH-DC 200
48" x 48" x 48" 112" x 99" x 112" Swing Door
34" x 38"
34" x 36"
MBB 6060
PDH-DC 200
60" x 60" x 60" 115" x 111" x 112" Swing Door
44" x 48"
44" x 46"

Available Features

  • Extrusion screw port hole
  • Magnetic separators
  • Operator platform