Extrusion, injection and even twin screw cleaning can be done without harsh chemicals or long hours of hand cleaning. Our effective blasting media, used in conjunction with the patented Maxi-Blast Mobile Screw Cleaning System, allows blasting of hot or cold screws and reduces cleaning time to an average of 30 minutes per screw.

The recommended media grade, Maxi-Clean (MC), is blasted out of a pressurized blast hose that only strips surface buildup, leaving the screw untouched and undamaged. The screw is then ready for reuse with no further cleaning or prepping needed.

Screw Cleaning Cost Analysis

Typically it takes 4-8 hours to clean a screw manually. This may be acceptable if you do one per week, but if you’re cleaning one per day, you have one person cleaning screws full-time. The Maxi-Blast system will clean screws in 30 minutes (average time) with no hazard such as torches, toxic fumes, dangerous wire wheels, or hand scraping.

Analysis Traditional Hand Cleaning Maxi-Blast Method
Cost Per Screw 8 hours x wage ($10.00/hr) = $80 per screw (+ minimal cleaning materials - cost unknown) 30 minutes x wage ($10.00/hr) = $5.00 per screw + media consumed approximately $6.75 per screw = $11.75 per screw (+ minimal electricity - cost unknown)
Cost Per Year (If you clean 20 per Month or 240 screws per year) 240 x $80.00 = $19,200.00 (approximate) 240 x $11.75 = $2,820.00 (approximate)
Annual Savings $16,380.00

The annual savings allow a six-month or less return on investment for your machine purchase. Send us a screw for a no-charge, custom cleaning and see for yourself the benefits of the Maxi-Blast system.