Specifically designed for blasting, reclaiming, and cleaning
of recyclable plastic media, our direct pressure dry blast
cabinet systems are completely self-contained for a dust-free,
non-toxic environment.

To ensure maximum operator visibility, dust is vacuumed
from the cabinet by means of a high efficiency blower located
on the clean air side of the dust collector. For easy maintenance,
the dust collector is equipped with an automatic/manual
cartridge blow down valve. The clean, reusable media passes
through a vibrating screen to trap large contaminants and,
simultaneously, through a magnetic separator that filters out
ferrous contaminants before being stored for reuse. Reloading
of the media into the pressure vessel from the storage hopper
occurs automatically each time the operator releases the foot
pedal depressurizing the vessel.

To provide for smooth flow of the low-density plastic, a 60°
cone pressure vessel and hopper are standard. An adjustable
valve controls the feeding of media into the air stream.
These durable machines are built for years of reliable service
with plastic media or other abrasives. The cabinet and dust
collector are constructed of 11 gauge prime steel, all welded
construction. A variety of cabinet sizes are available.


  • Pneumatic safety door interlocks
  • Safety view window, gloves, LED lights
  • Foot-controlled blasting, durable blast hose
  • Tungsten carbide blast nozzle
  • Moisture separator and pressure regulator with gauge
  • Vibrating screen for large contaminants
  • Air blow-off gun
  • Dust collector muffler
  • 1.6 cu. ft. ASME coded pressure vessel
  • Starter on systems with 3 phase electricals
  • Media spill tray under track extension
  • Push-button work car and door with mold rack
  • Automatic exhaust valve
  • Roof entry of blast hose

Pressure Blast Mold Cleaning System Specifications

Model Inside Cabinet
W x D x H
Floor Space Cabinet
& Dust Collector
W x D x H
MBK 4848
PDH-DC 200
48" x 48" x 48" 114" x 108" x 96" Swing Door
36" x 42"
36" x 45"
MBK 6060
PDH-DC 200
60" x 60" x 60" 156" x 128" x 112" Swing Door
48" x 46"
48" x 48"

Available Features

  • Extrusion screw port hole
  • Magnetic separators
  • Operator platform